Ballymena Church Members Forum is a group of Christian believers who actively seek to improve relationships and to promote reconciliation in the local community and among the churches.

We believe that the promotion of good relations, acceptance of diversity, better understanding, trust and respect for one another is best done:

In Partnership

We are better and stronger together than we are individually and we mutually benefit from each other’s strengths

On An Inter-Church Basis

By sharing the unique gifts and resources of all, we are enriched and enabled by our different Christian traditions

Our vision is for Christians in Ballymena to work together for a shared and better future for all members of the community

Our mission can be simply stated as:

Healing through reconciliation and forgiveness

By not only proclaiming but demonstrating our responsibilities as Christians to the ministry of healing through reconciliation and forgiveness in Ballymena and the surrounding area where God has placed us. We do this by:
Following the example of Jesus
Contributing to reconciliation
Contributing to forgiveness

Building of positive relationships by encouraging interaction:
Between church members
Between churches
Between churches and other agencies/groups

Our local community to recognise and acknowledge that ignorance, misunderstanding and mistrust of those from different traditions exist by:
Engaging with the local community
Promoting Forum objectives widely
Providing opportunity to address ignorance, misunderstanding and trust

The presence of sectarianism and the need to work towards its eradication by:
Increasing acknowledgement of the issue in churches
Engaging churches in considering the role they can play in addressing sectarianism
Providing opportunities for shared experiences between Catholics and Protestants

To help make Ballymena and the surrounding area a safe and welcoming environment which is respectful, non-judgemental and where everyone counts by:
Engaging with a range of relevant forums
Identifying means by which churches can make the Borough safe and more welcoming
Engaging churches in considering their role in making the Borough safe and welcoming

“We are better and stronger together than we are individually and we mutually benefit from each other’s strengths”